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Should I Eat Bleached Food?

Although bleached foods lookwhiter, glossier and therefore attract more customers, they have been deprived of the best nutrients of the whole grains. Whole grains are very rich in nutrients. To be able to profit from all these nutrients, it is necessary to use the whole unprocessed grain. Whole grains have three main parts: the germ, the endosperm and the bran. Each part contains different nutrients. The germ, for example, is rich in vitamins and fiber. The endosperm is starchy and the bran provides the fiber. Bread is usually made with the endosperm to which artificial vitamins are added.

When eating whole grains, we benefit from all the nutrients, vitamins, folic acid, iron, zinc and other minerals.

Because of these riches of the whole grains, scientists have associated it with better physical and mental health. Lately they have acknowledged that whole grains can play an essential role in the prevention of obesity and lessens the risk of diabetes, People who eat more whole grains have a lower risk of heart diseases.

 At miss gorilla foods limited, just like we are against bleaching of blackhuman skins, we are also against bleaching of food crops to make them look white, shiny and attractive to the eye. All our products are whole grains and unprocessed.Most food companies will never allow their family and relatives to eat bleached poundo yams and semovitasladen with carcinogenic substances called preservatives, but they will gladly sell them to you. They don’t know you after all. Of what use is your health to them as long as they are smiling to the banks every hour.

At missGorilla foods we DO NOT ADD any food preservative to extend our products shelf life. We will never bleach our crops to make it look more appealing to the eye. We would rather mill in very small batches, enough to go round one at a time. By so doing, there won’t be any need to encase the food in very large warehouses. The result is a very fresh stock for everyone all year round. Wo-ho-ho!

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